Cluster Housing Case Studies

Issues Addressed:
Housing Options Infrastructure Sustainable Housing

Nubanusit Neighborhood and Farm, Peterborough, NH

The Nubanusit Neighborhood and Farm is an intentional community and cohousing development in a conservation subdivision in Peterborough. The 113-acre neighborhood includes 29 environmentally sensitive farmhouse-style homes, clustered around a working farm and common indoor and outdoor spaces. The development was enabled by a zoning change by the Town of Peterborough, and it includes single-family, duplex, and four-plex units.
Clustered homes in the Nubanusit Neighborhood and Farm development in Peterborough. (Clive Russ via Harvard Magazine)

Terrell Farm, Nashua, NH

Until the 21st Century, the Terrell Homestead was an eighth generation dairy farm on 74 acres in southeast Nashua. In 2011, the Terrell family sold most of the property to the City for permanent conservation. In 2019, the last 25 acres were sold to Etchstone Properties for development under the City’s Conservation Subdivision rules. The new development provides 25 new three-bedroom, single-family homes of less than 2,000 square feet each. dThe development includes three conserved areas with wetlands, hayfields, and nature trails that connect to other parks. The homes are sold as condominiums, with the land held by a nonprofit condominium association.
A site plan for the Terrell Farms development in Nashua. (Etchstone Real Estate)

Brandywine at Thornbury, PA

The Brandywine at Thornbury is a conservation subdivision on the rural fringe of the Philadelphia Suburbs. The development consists of single-family homes, townhomes, and carriage houses set on over 200 acres of land. The developed areas feature closely sited homes with small front setbacks and sidewalks, in order to encourage interaction between neighbors. The open spaces feature a riparian reserve surrounding a stream, trails, basketball and tennis courts, playgrounds, and community spaces. (Chester County, PA’s conservation zoning calls for 20% active open space). The community also includes a daycare center.