Swanzey, NH

The Town of Swanzey first introduced ADUs through zoning in 2009, allowing attached ADUs by Special Exception for owner-occupied single-family homes in certain zoning districts. In 2017, the Town amended the law to respond to the statelevel ADU law. Under the current zoning, attached ADUs are allowed by-right and detached ADUs are allowed by Special Exception. Both types of ADUs are allowed in all zoning districts where single-family homes are permitted. Either the principal unit or the ADU must be owner-occupied. Dimensional rules for ADUs are the same as single-family homes, but there must be at least three parking spaces available on the property.
A photo with a 2.5-story colonial home one the left. A 1.5 story two-car garage with a pitched roof is on the right, attached to the main house by a small connector with a separate entrance. A window in the upper half-story of the garage indicates a living area.
A photograph of a home with an ADU in Swanzey, New Hampshire. A single-family ranch-style home is visible in the mid-ground, and a secondary smaller home is visible in the background behind it to the left. The secondary home has steps up to a porch, a yellow door, a pediment, and columns. A driveway connects the two buildings. Both are surrounded by trees and snow.
Homes in Swanzey with ADUs: attached (top photo, above garage) and detached (bottom photo, upper left). (Images via RE/MAX Town & Country from Redfin and Zillow)