Noquochoke Village, Westport, MA

The affordable housing crisis is perhaps most acute in New England along the coast of Massachusetts, with very high land costs, and mostly large homes on large lots. One project helping to address this problem in Westport, Massachusetts is the newly constructed Noquochoke Village on a river of the same name. The project consists of 50 apartments varying in size, that were sited on the front 8 acres of the property. The remaining 23 acres abutting the river has been preserved as open space. The project is served by a community septic system with a maximum capacity of 9,900 gpd. Testing has shown that effluent quality exceeds the stringent standards set by the Westport Planning Board for the project. This system’s exact specifications may not meet NH DES requirements.
Noquochoke Village, an Affordable Housing development enabled by community septic in Westport, MA. (Images via CEDAC (top) and Noquochoke Village (bottom)).