Mascoma Valley Cooperative, Canaan, NH

The Mascoma Valley Cooperative is a small resident-owned community with 29 manufactured housing units. Residents purchased the land and infrastructure supporting their homes and formed a non-profit ROC in 2017. The Cooperative’s small web site is brimming with that pride in its brief description of the community:  “Mascoma Valley Cooperative is a resident-owned manufactured home community in Canaan, N.H. …Mascoma Valley Cooperative, Inc. is owned by the community members who live here – we are a resident-owned community (ROC). That means we control the rent and make the rules. On June 28, 2017, the ROC purchased the land and infrastructure, such as the roads and water lines. Now, a democratically elected Board of Directors manages the business of running Mascoma Valley. Every Member household in the community has a say in who sits on the Board, how we spend our money, the annual budget, and whether we make changes to the rent.”