Eugene, OR

In 2017, the State of Oregon mandated most towns and cities to allow ADUs in singlefamily residential zones with reasonable local regulations on siting and design. The City of Eugene already allowed ADUs at that time, but required owner occupancy and other restrictions not related to siting or design. In 2020-2021, Eugene brought its ADU code into compliance with State law. Now Eugene permits ADUs in all residential zoning districts. The ADUs can be a maximum of 800 square feet, they have ADU-specific design standards, they do not require owner-occupancy or additional parking, and they are not restricted by minimum lot sizes or certain other dimensional requirements. Most importantly, the City also pre-approved certain ADU designs, and the ADU designers licensed the designs to property owners for $500. Owners must still work on a site plan and follow other steps of construction, but by providing pre-approved designs, the City has simplified the process and reduced ultimate costs.